Top 5 Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2021







    Fashion is not steadfast, it’s dynamic. Each year brings in a new wave of fashion trends, and 2021 is no exception. The pandemic has altered the way we see fashion, with an increased focus on comfort, functionality, and sustainability. In this article, we bring you the Top 5 Fashion Trends You Need to Know in 2021.

    1. Oversized Silhouettes

    The pandemic has made us all embrace comfort more than ever. Oversized silhouettes help us to achieve just that. From oversized shirts to baggy trousers, this trend is everywhere. Designers like JW Anderson, Louis Vuitton, and Balenciaga showcased oversized silhouettes in their collections. It is effortless yet stylish, perfect for those Zoom meetings or lounging at home.

    2. Earthy Tones

    2021 is all about Earthy Tones. From olive green to beige, brown to terracotta, this color palette is taking over. It is a refreshing change from the all-black-everything trend we have been accustomed to. Earthy Tones are easy to style and versatile, making it a great investment for your wardrobe.

    3. Wide-Leg Trousers

    Who doesn’t love a good pair of trousers? Wide-leg trousers are not a new trend, but it is back in 2021 with a bang. From flared jeans to palazzo pants, this trend is seen everywhere. It flatters all body types and gives a vintage yet modern look. Pair it up with a crop top or a blouse and you are good to go.

    4. Bra Tops

    With summer comes the bra top trend. It is perfect for those hot summer days where you want to feel comfortable and chic. From knitted bra tops to satin, designers like Versace, Givenchy, and Chanel showed us how to rock this trend. Pair it up with high waisted shorts or a flowy skirt and you are summer-ready.

    5. Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

    Sustainable and ethical fashion is the talk of the town, and 2021 is all about it. With the pandemic, people have become more conscious of their purchases and their impact on the environment. Brands like Stella McCartney, Reformation, and Vetta are leading the way in sustainable and ethical fashion. Investing in sustainable fashion not only helps reduce the carbon footprint but also supports small businesses and communities.

    Fashion Trends


    2021 has brought us some fantastic fashion trends that can be easily incorporated into our daily wardrobe. Oversized silhouettes, Earthy Tones, wide-leg trousers, bra tops, and sustainable fashion are all great investments. Remember, fashion is about having fun and expressing ourselves, so don’t be afraid to try out new trends and create your own style.

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